Vendor and Third-Party Terms of Service and Privacy Policy Compliance

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Vendor and Third-Party Privacy Policy Compliance Agreement

In compliance with our privacy policy and non-compete clause (where applicable), to protect the privacy of our clients, their PII information, business data, and intellectual property/ideas, as well as to ensure timely, trackable, and documented interactions with all JCooper Web Solutions clients, please be aware that any direct or indirect client communication outside of the JCooper Web Solutions project management system is strictly prohibited.

To protect the integrity and reputation of JCooper Web Solutions as a customer satisfaction focused business, to ensure our clients receive accurate, timely, professional, and courteous communication, as a JCooper Web Solutions vendor and/or third-party service provider, you understand that you are acting/providing services as a JCooper Web Solutions representative by proxy, not as a separate entity or service provider. JCooper Web Solutions is not providing you with direct customer or client business referrals, and all services/products being provided are done so as a contractual agreement between your business and JCooper Web Solutions only – not with any associated client(s) or affiliate(s). This ensures JCooper Web Solutions is the only visible and actionable entity namable for customer problems, issues, resolutions, and public feedback.

Any/all communication, invoicing, or deliverance of goods/services must be done though the JCooper Web Solutions approved systems you have/will be provided access to, and any/all information contained in or accessible though such systems is deemed private, confidential, proprietary, and exclusive. Use or access of any information in or accessible through said systems is to be done exclusively for the assigned client or assigned client’s project and may not be used or referenced to any other client, external party, or sub-contracted/outsourced solution provider. Misuse or duplication of any JCooper Web Solutions and/or client data, information, resources, or business models/concepts/ideas is fully strictly prohibited and subject to legal action and restitution recovery pursuable by the full extent of the law.

Vendor and third-party service provider acknowledgement, acceptance, and compliance with this privacy policy is non-negotiable and mandatory.
To proceed with your consideration as a JCooper Web Solutions vendor or third-party service provider, simply sign, date, and return this form with your application. If you are an existing JCooper Web Solutions vendor or third party service provider feel that you cannot, or do not wish to comply with the policy restrictions as defined above, please notify our offices in writing of your desire to opt-out of being a JCooper Web Solutions vendor or third-party service provider.

Justin Cooper
Justin Cooper, Owner
JCooper Web Solutions, Inc.

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